Sam Caster is the founder of Alovea and is well known in the industry as a philanthropist and an amazing entrepreneur who is helping fragile children around the world. Alovea created Focus Plus for health and wellness and is inviting people who try this product will not only love it but can now benefit when sharing it with friends and family as a social business. Before Sam Caster started Alovea he had a non-profit 501C(3) called MannaRelief and helped orphanages raise money all over the world who struggle to feed their kids nutrition-dense foods.

When Sam Caster realized that many unforeseen global economic factors affected his ability to support the orphanages and non-profits he loved he decided to create a new financial model around this product that could become a consistent financial model to help good causes.

Alovea is the perfect nutritional product to offer direct sellers around the world and finally developed opportunities for social enterprises. The model just rolled out 18 months ago and is structured as a public benefit corporation and is now offering a “Buy One, Nourish Two” program allowing every Alovea product purchased to generate immediate funding.

“We have what we call a social business 3.0,” says Caster. Traditional social businesses, such as Toms, sell their products through large retailers to support their causes, but our model allows anyone to participate and profit from this social business by building teams, and we can continue to support the causes that are important to us. We are a ministry that is leveraging the economic power of the marketplace to provide sustainable solutions for what we think is one of the world’s biggest problems, and that’s poor health and disease.”

Caster adds that “MannaRelief has delivered more than 45 million servings of its nutritionally dense product to orphanages around the globe since its inception.”

If you are a social entrepreneur and want to jump in and become a direct seller we encourage you to reach out today and get started. This is the perfect nutritional product to supplement a weak dietary program.