Why would someone drink Alovea Focus Plus?
It has focused energy that brightens your day with immune support, and it tastes great! There is different kinds of energy. Many other energy drinks on the market give you this kind of jittery energy with a high rise in blood sugar, and then a crash, they load you up with caffeine. In contrast, focus plus contains brain biochemical building blocks, the nutrients and other helpful phytochemicals to make your brain synchronized and work more effectively. I’m not going to go into the science here this morning, simply trust that we’ll take care of the science so that you don’t have to worry about that, we’ll make sure that we’re using the highest quality raw materials available in the marketplace and put them in in the right amounts. It’s not up to you to figure out if you need micrograms, or milligrams of CO q 10. That’s what we do. We let the science drive our product formulation. One of the unique parts of focus plus is in addition to the focused energy, rather than the jittery energy is the focused energy. You have immune support… and who doesn’t need more immune strength these days. So to combine all of that into a single product that tastes great, and brightens your day. I know it’s going to be a winner.

One of the key things that I just posted there or shared in the chat, I love when you said the brain biochemical building blocks who doesn’t want that and in addition to everything else, but that’s just a really cool snapshot phrase when someone asks, “what does Focus Plus Now helps with brain biochemical building blocks that are directly tied to help with focus and energy?”

You know, and I’d like to just take a little bit longer to talk about something that Mike Humphrey mentioned, which is yes, I’ve been involved in making other energy and other energy drink products that have sold a lot. But more importantly, I do this to impact people’s lives, and make a difference to help people feel better, look better, and perform better. And that previous product, which I developed 20 years ago, was great at the time, but our new focus plus uses the latest science uses ingredients that weren’t available then. For example, we’re using palatinose, which is a low glycemic carbohydrate. That means that when you drink it, you don’t get a spike in blood sugar. That would be in contrast to maltodextrin which is actually a very high glycemic carbohydrate you get too high and have a boost in your blood sugar when you drink something with maltodextrin.

So we have incorporated a key ingredient that I learned about on my travels to Asia from visiting various professors of tea science. And so the main thing in focus plus really helps to focus in a way it both excites the brain and, and calms it down. This is important so that one can focus more. In addition to that, we are not using any artificial sweeteners, we don’t use sucralose or any artificial sweeteners. All of our sweeteners are natural plant extracts. And so when you combine the latest science, the highest quality raw materials in the right amounts, and use these innovations, I know we have a winner. And the reason that personally I know is I’ve tried it, I’ve tried focus plus, and having consumed energy products for 30 years, I can tell you that I’ve never felt anything like I felt when I drank focus.

Plus, it simply just brightened my outlook more than anything I’ve ever felt. So I know if it works for me it’s gonna work for everybody. And let’s get this product into people’s hands now.