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Alovéa FOCUS+™

Alovéa’s advanced solutions for fast-acting and sustainable mental focus!




Why  Alovéa Focus +

Clean natural energy boost without the jitters

Burn off the brain fog and operate in your genius

Let your immune system fight off all derivation variants trying to take you out

The cleanest energy boost available

About FOCUS+

Refreshing citrus drink mix that helps energize the brain for:


  • Enhanced focus, alertness, attention and memory
  • Fast acting and sustainable impact
  • High levels of mental energy
  • Whole food vitamins and amino acids and supercharged with Alovéa Acemannan Extract (AE)

Be at your best with Focus+ from Proven Health


Let your immune system fight off all derivations variants trying to take you out. Focus+ is a high performance health supplement that provides an immediate, natural and long lasting burst of energy without the jitters or crash. Focus + helps you be more productive and alert throughout the day, while also helping you stay healthy by boosting your immune system. It’s made in America by Americans.


Alovéa proudly stands behind its proprietary line of naturally based products that are clinically researched and scientifically backed. We focus on proven cutting-edge technologies that are safe and effective that offer many benefits to support optimum health.